Curriculum Map

For my curriculum map I based it on a ninety day semester. My approach to organizing it the way I did was to base my units on the North Carolina Essential Standards, which resulted in a mix of a chronological and thematic approach. Throughout the semester we will be looking at history as themes but organizing it in a chronological way within the units. It is my hope that with this approach students will be able to master the standards.

Curriculum Map


2 thoughts on “Curriculum Map

  1. I really like the lay out of your map. Every unit seems pretty straight forward and what goals students are supposed to meet by the end are clearly understandable. I’m guessing that you are taking more of a thematic approach just from reading the learning targets. Since your units seem to be very broad I would suggest giving specific events or a time span for your units. A student can find a unit intimidating if i covers a large time period.


  2. Sarah,
    Nice job with aligning the NCES with CC and C3. Your map is very deliberate in trying to prioritize which units need more attention, and especially tricky task given that your course design is a bit of thematic-chronology hybrid. Your unit on the American Dream is great as the final one (although, adding a “?” to it might provoke some interesting student responses to the unit – a dream for whom? when? where? etc.).

    Recommendation: Nice catchy titles for your units – but as Jacob mentions, sometimes it is not all too clear what they are about (maybe add a subtitle, or a few extra words, to clarify this for students and parents); make sure you have ONE clear target in each objective; give more consideration to which “big ideas” or concepts you are addressing in each unit.

    A very nice job all around. Good luck on the next assignments.


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